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Testimonials from Stevenage Lettings




"Stevenage Lettings provide an excellent turnkey service for Landlords. I have been using them for 4 years and never had any issues. They pride themselves on looking after the tenants and the properties. All maintenance issues are promptly dealt with and the Landlord is kept fully informed."




We are hands-off landlords. Stevenage Lettings deliver us a full turnkey solution. They find and look after the tenants, as well as ensuring that our properties are cleaned and maintained to a high standard.
Their service is excellent and I would definitely recommend them.
David & Sue Fox



“The Stevenage Lettings team manages my HMO property, it operates perfectly and two years on, the property still looks fantastic and I have had almost no maintenance issues.”
Alison Dickens







"I've enjoyed the opportunity of doing business with Stevenage Lettings and the ease of getting my issues sorted. Thank you so much."



"I was pleased with the service provided by Stevenage Lettings. The team were very helpful. They were able to provide information I required quickly and effectively and the process to get me in to the property was quick. I would also recommend them to a friend."


"I have had a very pleasant year long stay managed very professionally by Stevenage Lettings. The accommodation was very comfortable and well equipped. Furthermore the team were always quick to respond to all of my questions and kept me well informed about the property, even though COVID-19. I'm very satisfied with my stay and the service provided by Stevenage Lettings."


"Very helpful & professional especially with all that's going on, gave very good advice. Would recommend & will use in future."


"Great service for tenants, very helpful."



"I don’t feel like any letting agency can be perfect but I get the impression Stevenage Lettings tries to be, which is why if I were to move back to Stevenage I would be looking to rent for you again. I have been impressed with how staff are always available, polite to speak to and helpful no matter the issue. Although there have been small issues here and there, I feel for the most part I have been very comfortable renting my room and wished my job wasn’t requiring me to move. Thank you."

E.G. - York Road



“I found Stevenage Lettings helpful throughout my renting period. All of the houses I viewed were modern and I really like the décor and consistency of this décor. Really helpful colleagues – swift response to emails and problems – Thank you!”
L.G - Finbracks



“Renting with Stevenage Lettings has been a pleasure. There have been no particular issues with the accommodation and any questions or queries I had were dealt with very quickly”
A.P – Finbracks



“The move into the room was fairly swift with no challenges. All issues relating to my room were resolved pretty quickly throughout my stay”
S.S – The Paddocks



“My overall experience with Stevenage Lettings was positive. All issues in the house were resolved” "
A.Z – Scarborough Avenue



“Clean house, nice tenants, and the maintenance was good”
Miss J.L – York Road