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Qualify for a “’Great Tenant’ Certificate”!


  • Would you like a reference for your next landlord or lettings agency?
  • Would a reference help you get a mortgage on a new home?
  • Would you like to show your track record in paying bills and maintaining your property?

At Stevenage Lettings, we understand that a good reference goes a long way in proving your reliability and trust as a tenant to lettings agencies and the landlords they manage.

Why have we introduced this?

Simply put - we think you should be rewarded for saving landlords and us headaches!

As a free service, we will provide a letter of recommendation to our tenants when their tenancy ends, that confirms:

  • Rent has been paid on time throughout your tenancy
  • The property has been maintained well

Thanking you for being a trusted client by giving you a “Great Tenant” Certificate means that the trust you’ve built-up with us can then be transferred to your next lettings agent – hopefully our reference will help put you at the top of their reliable tenants list in finding you a new home.

Stevenage Lettings are one of the first to introduce this new reference scheme and it’s always nice to be able to help our ex-tenants on their lettings journey.

Contact us to find out more.