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Are you a landlord with an existing or recently-purchased property to let in Hitchin? What unique features does this town offer to those looking to rent out a property similar to yours?


  • Is your property in good condition and ready to let out to tenants?
  • Are you wondering if Hitchin is a suitable town for you to purchase a buy-to-let property?


Hitchin is a market town, just a few miles west of Stevenage, with easy access to the A1(M) and A1000. The market is open 4 days a week and has a car boot sale every Sunday.


Did you know that a recent survey showed that Hitchin was one of the top 10 happiest places to live?



Its history is very rich, dating all the way back to the 10th century. As you travel around Hitchin, you can see pockets of history including St Mary’s Church, the famous town square and the British Schools Museum.


Useful Facts about Hitchin


  • Hitchin has great links to Cambridge, London & Peterborough, with the train station only a 15 minute walk from the town centre.


  • Hitchin school is split between girls and boys, with both schools having an Ofsted rating of "Outstanding". On the outskirts of Hitchin in Pirton, there is the Oughtonhead Nature Reserve where you can walk your dog or just have a romantic walk along the River Oughton.


  • For families you have a handful of parks. When the warmer weather is here you can also go to a splash park with your children.


  • The villages surrounding Hitchin are very picturesque, with beautiful village pubs which you could cycle to.


  • There is a lot to do in the town centre including restaurants, pubs, parks and Hitchin Priory, which hosts a number of events throughout the year, including Rhythms of the World.


The Property Market in Hitchin


  • To buy a 1 or 2 bedroom property you could easily find one between £260,000 and £400,00 or if you were renting between £700 to £900 PCM.


  • If you were looking for a family you could buy a family home for around £650,000 or for renting £1,200 PCM.


  • The local council are in the process of developing a housing estate which has an array of 1-4 bedroom houses.



HMO Property Conversion


If you were to convert your home into a HMO (House of multiple occupancy) property and rent it out in Hitchin, it could be a great investment!


Did you know?


  • A HMO is a type of property where you rent out the individual rooms to tenants and have a communal kitchen, living room and (if you have one) a garden.


  • If your HMO was managed correctly, it could be rented out, with all the rooms available for tenants, for around £2,500 per calendar month - read more about our landlords management service packages here.


  • If you were to rent out your HMO in Hitchin, using our marketing and advertising expertise and our connections to the largest local online databases, it would probably be let quicker than if you used another lettings agency, due to its excellently-connected location, local amenities and family-friendly feel - not to mention our internal team ready to help and guide you, every step of the way. Contact us to discuss your options.


Our Service Levels - What Makes Us Different?


  • Proactive– Our independent status means that we act with speed and flexibility; we will always act in your best interests, we will help you maximise the return from your property investment and our service includes a free valuation. Being landlords ourselves means we can offer excellent insight. We will always go that extra mile for you.


  • Professional – You will enjoy first class customer service and benefit from our expertise and knowledge of both the property lettings industry in general and the local towns within Stevenage. As important, we help landlords comply with legislation and legal requirements – both key elements of a landlord’s obligations.


  • Personal – You will have a single point of contact for clear and effective communication. We also work hard to maintain long-term working relationships with landlords. Simply put - we’re your number one choice for lettings in Stevenage!


Why Choose Stevenage Lettings as Your Management Services Provider?


  • 30 years of lettings and property management experience
  • Independent, local team of experts you can trust
  • Corporate clients include Lister Hospital, GSK, Aerospace, Tesco’s and more
  • Unrivalled local knowledge and expertise
  • Quality tenants found quickly
  • Thorough and detailed tenant screening
  • Local in-house maintenance team operating 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Single-Let management expertise
  • Flexible landlord services
  • Opening hours to suit the market